Florida Polytechnic University – A University of Innovation

In only a few years Florida Polytechnic University has established a name for itself as a university focusing on solving industry problems through creative solutions. Their advanced fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) attract innovative thinking students from different places.
Florida Polytechnic University is located along Interstate 4 at the heart of Florida’s High-Tech Corridor in the city of Lakeland, halfway between Tampa and Orlando.
Like its name implies, Lakeland is known for its waterfront neighborhoods and more than 60 miles of biking and walking trails. The city has a vibrant downtown filled with shops, restaurants, parks and performing arts venues. Check out Evolution Records, an indie vinyl seller and live music venue. Hang out with friends or study at Black & Brew Coffee House on Main Street. Get outdoors for a spin at the new Lake Bonny Skate Park. You don’t want to miss out on a visit to Reececliff either for a slice of pie and other homemade foods! Festivals, parades, concerts, a big farmer’s market and food truck rallies are hallmarks of Lakeland culture, as are the giant swans you’ll see gliding on city lakes. They are descendants of swans given to the city by Queen Elizabeth II.

Lakeland also is the spring training home of the Detroit Tigers. In February or March, you can catch a classic outdoor game at Joker Marchant Stadium. The average high in February is a comfortable 73 degrees.
Another benefit of attending college in Lakeland, FL is its location. Less than an hour’s drive away in either direction are the metropolitan areas of Tampa and Orlando, home to a combined total of 8.6 million people and more than 11,500 high-tech companies. Both cities draw visitors from around the world to theme parks, beaches, stadiums and entertainment venues. Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Cocoa Beach and Clearwater Beach are among the options for day trips or weekend getaways. The two cities host a lot of Major League action, too, including the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB.

15 Year Anniversary – St. Pete Saturday Morning Market

ST PETERSBURG SATURDAY MORNING MARKET RE-OPENS FOR ITS NEW SEASON -The largest farmers market in the southeast US celebrates 15 year anniversary!
Beginning Saturday, October 7, St Petersburg’s Saturday Morning Market will be reopening for its 15th season on the beautiful waterfront of downtown St Petersburg.

With about 10,000 customers a week, and 170 vendors rotating through 130 spaces, the market is the largest farmers market in the southeast US, and one of the most successful in the US.

The Market is held weekly on Saturdays from October through May, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is located at the Al Lang Field parking lot, which is located on the corner of 1st Ave S and 1st Street.

Each week, shoppers can browse for fresh fruits and vegetables, loaves of rustic bread, gourmet- prepared foods, specialty foods, herbs, plants, hand crafted gifts and much more. Live music and entertainment every week adds an upbeat tone to the market atmosphere.

Florida Life after Hurricane Irma

It has been three weeks since Florida was declared a disaster area due to Hurricane Irma. Life is almost back to normal for many people with the exception of the still lingering brush piles in front of their houses. Electricity has been restored to all (or so we believe) communities and grocery stores and gas stations are operating at normal capacity again. Some areas of Florida however, will never be quite the same again. Large portions of the Keys have been devastated, about 65% of homes suffered severe damages. The popular vacation destination will need a lot of help to rebuild. So many natural disasters happened in such a short time that people who want to help are torn between providing assistance to Texas, Florida or Puerto Rico. If you were fortunate enough to having been spared of damage, please consider providing goods, services or your time to those in need. Our Team at Global Lifestyle will gladly come and pick up items to deliver them to relief collection points.

A Major League Soccer Expansion is within reach

The Rowdies have one of the most simple, inexpensive stadium plans among the expansion hopefuls. They already have refurbished seats, the video board, locker rooms and more at Al Lang Stadium, which sits on the downtown St. Petersburg waterfront. Now Bill Edwards is committed to putting $80 million (plus cost overruns) into expanding the stadium from around 7,200 seats to 18,000. He told SI.com that he intends to ask for no public money and that the city will be on the hook only for some infrastructure upgrades such as sewage.
Al Lang is next to the Mahaffey Theater, the venue that relies on support from The Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts, and the Salvador Dalí museum and is a few blocks from St. Petersburg’s downtown dining and nightlife district on and around Central Ave.
St. Pete/Tampa is an unpredictable, eclectic sports town(s). The population is there, support wavers at times, but success is rewarded. It’s also an event town(s). Four Super Bowls, three Final Fours (one men’s, two women’s), two Frozen Fours and Monday’s College Football Playoff final, among others, have been staged in Tampa or St. Pete.         We are in competition with 12 other cities (Sacramento, Atlanta, St. Louis, Nashville, San Antonio, Raleigh, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Phoenix, San Diego and Detroit).
The size of the market and Edwards’ stadium plan are huge plusses. MLS wants ratings and a population base, and the fact that the Rowdies would play in a downtown, waterfront venue that will cost half as much as many other grounds is unique and extremely appealing. (Information taken from article on SI.com)

Let’s go Rowdies!

It is Grand Prix time

Every year in the spring downtown gets transformed into a racing paradise. The Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg is a Verizon IndyCar Series race held in St. Petersburg, Florida. The race has been the season opener since 2009, with the exception of 2010, when it was the second race of the season (but the first on U.S. soil). This year’s date is 10 March through 12 March.
The race takes place on a temporary course, utilizing downtown streets, and two runways of Albert Whitted Airport.
Owners of downtown apartments are hosting Grand Prix parties to watch the spectacle right from their balconies. Restaurants are brimming with excitement and the sexy noise of race cars fills the air for many miles during this highly sought after event.
Drivers – start your engines. See you downtown!

We are growing

Dear Customer and Fellow Agent,

it is with great pleasure that we welcome the two newest team members to our company. Tahane brings to us the versatility of her culture and the ability to converse fluently in Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. Eric brings to us the youthful adaptability in technical matters and fluency in German.
Our growth is also spreading in our ability to offer property management on a completely different level. We have affiliated ourselves with a professional property management company that will cover the back-end of management (i.e. accounting and escrow management) whilst leaving us with that part that we do best – serving our customers.
We are looking forward to meeting you as a new customer and to continue doing business with you as a repeat customer.

Most sincerely,

Your Team at Global Lifestyle

The official end of summer

Dear Visitors,

in the US the “official summer” doesn’t ends on Labor Day weekend. Two days ago was Labor Day, which symbolizes that summer is over. In Florida, however, it seems that nobody took that message to the appropriate “weather makers”. The temperatures are blazing hot. The typical summer thunderstorms are still in full force. The children are back in school and the stores are starting to display Halloween decorations. The beaches are currently a wonderful assortment of languages from all over the world. Soon it will be Snowbird season, where you will find mostly people from up north and Canada, swimming in water that the locals, by than find too cold. Ah, Florida, a lovely place to live, vacation, do business – or all of the above. Please, contact us if we can help you find a suitable place for you, whether it may be a home, a vacation home or a commercial facility. We enjoy working all year round – not only Memorial Day to Labor Day.


Your Team at Global Lifestyle

Drivers, start your engines

Dear Visitor,

Last weekend marked the 10th Anniversary of the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. The city was brimming with race teams, fast cars, sponsors and fans. It was, in the Mayor’s words, the “fastest spring break party on the streets of St. Petersburg”. We had the honor of hosting the first of the IndyCar races of the season this year. The down town race track is situated in beautiful surroundings, brings plenty of excitement, and allows for great entertainment during and after the races. Throughout the weekend visitors were able to enjoy the beaches, the multitude of restaurants, our many art galleries and the general flair of a city that has been named one of the premier Grand Prix cities of the world.
At Global Lifestyle we were proud to say that we participated in the fun by giving of our time, and volunteering all three days of the event.
Race fans, we will see you again next year,


Your team at Global Lifestyle

25% of Consumers Have Errors on their Credit Report

Dear Buyer,

Banks are a lot stricter with their qualifying criteria for loan approvals.  Low credit scores keep some potential home buyers without the necessary purchasing power to fulfill their dream of home ownership. Often times credit issues could be resolved rather quickly if the consumer was more aware of the current status of their credit.

Consumers need to be extra vigilant about checking for any errors on their credit reports, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

One in four Americans report they’ve found an error on their credit report, according to a study conducted by the FTC, which analyzed 1,001 consumers’ credit reports from the three major agencies, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Researchers helped the consumers spot potential errors on their reports.

Five percent of the consumers found such large errors on their report that they could have gotten stuck paying more for mortgages or other financial products, if they hadn’t taken steps to correct it before applying, according to the study.

Twenty percent of the credit reports studied that were found to have errors in it were ultimately corrected after the consumer took steps to dispute it, which resulted in about 10 percent of consumers receiving a higher credit score, according to the study.

Consumers are entitled to receive a free copy of their credit report each year from the three reporting agencies.

Life is a lot less expensive with a higher credit score. Stay on top of your credit, check your report frequently, and maintain your credit worthiness along with the assurance that you will detect abuse of your credit or identity theft early.

Yours truly,

The team at Global Lifestyle 

Source: “Study: 1 In 4 Consumers Had Error In Credit Report,” The Associated Press (Feb. 11, 2013)

Changes in the Market

Dear Buyer,

earlier this month CNN Money reported that McMansions are back and noted a rise in consumer spending on luxury items such as SUVs. In early May, TIME magazine stated: ” Wealthy Americans don’t really think that good times are here again for the economy. But they’re going on shopping sprees anyway…”. First statistics supports the fact that wealthier consumers are ready to spend. Closed sales in the $600,000 to $1,000,000 price range are up 92.3% for town homes/condos and 92.6% for single family residences.

Active inventory for town homes/condos is down 10.8% and for single family residences is down 15.3% from last June. We remain in a seller’s market with inventory below 5.5 months for single family residences and town homes/condos. The lack of inventory continues to frustrate potential home buyers seeking the American Dream of home ownership. Many potential buyers are losing out to wealthier cash buyers and investment organizations.
Median sales price for town homes/condos are up 11.2% and median sales price for single family residences is up 18.7% from last year June.
The number of short sales is down by over 30%, which may be partially attributed to the fact that fewer people are so far “under water” that they can’t see a way out. With prices increasing their home loans may soon be in balance with market value again.
The market is very active, a lot of the “good deals” are no longer, seller concessions are not freely offered any more, and buyers have to be patient yet decisive in their search.
Please, call a member of our dedicated brokerage to help you find your dream. We work hard for you and go above and beyond for our customers.


Your Global Lifestyle Team