Florida Life after Hurricane Irma

It has been three weeks since Florida was declared a disaster area due to Hurricane Irma. Life is almost back to normal for many people with the exception of the still lingering brush piles in front of their houses. Electricity has been restored to all (or so we believe) communities and grocery stores and gas stations are operating at normal capacity again. Some areas of Florida however, will never be quite the same again. Large portions of the Keys have been devastated, about 65% of homes suffered severe damages. The popular vacation destination will need a lot of help to rebuild. So many natural disasters happened in such a short time that people who want to help are torn between providing assistance to Texas, Florida or Puerto Rico. If you were fortunate enough to having been spared of damage, please consider providing goods, services or your time to those in need. Our Team at Global Lifestyle will gladly come and pick up items to deliver them to relief collection points.