The official end of summer

Dear Visitors,

in the US the “official summer” doesn’t ends on Labor Day weekend. Two days ago was Labor Day, which symbolizes that summer is over. In Florida, however, it seems that nobody took that message to the appropriate “weather makers”. The temperatures are blazing hot. The typical summer thunderstorms are still in full force. The children are back in school and the stores are starting to display Halloween decorations. The beaches are currently a wonderful assortment of languages from all over the world. Soon it will be Snowbird season, where you will find mostly people from up north and Canada, swimming in water that the locals, by than find too cold. Ah, Florida, a lovely place to live, vacation, do business – or all of the above. Please, contact us if we can help you find a suitable place for you, whether it may be a home, a vacation home or a commercial facility. We enjoy working all year round – not only Memorial Day to Labor Day.


Your Team at Global Lifestyle