Drivers, start your engines

Dear Visitor,

Last weekend marked the 10th Anniversary of the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. The city was brimming with race teams, fast cars, sponsors and fans. It was, in the Mayor’s words, the “fastest spring break party on the streets of St. Petersburg”. We had the honor of hosting the first of the IndyCar races of the season this year. The down town race track is situated in beautiful surroundings, brings plenty of excitement, and allows for great entertainment during and after the races. Throughout the weekend visitors were able to enjoy the beaches, the multitude of restaurants, our many art galleries and the general flair of a city that has been named one of the premier Grand Prix cities of the world.
At Global Lifestyle we were proud to say that we participated in the fun by giving of our time, and volunteering all three days of the event.
Race fans, we will see you again next year,


Your team at Global Lifestyle