What is the right price?

Dear Buyer,

the seller is asking a certain amount of money for a piece of property. You would like to purchase it but you feel that the price is too high, and it is time to feel out the seller’s motivation. Instead of offering the $379.000 the seller is asking for you offer $249.000. After all the market is tough.  We see situations like this often. The result commonly is that the seller is now insulted and the buyer is either losing out on the property or will have to significantly step up his offer.

These offers are called low ball offers, and are every Realtor’s worst nightmare. They usually cause tension and upset customers on both sides. Our market here along the Florida central west coast has changed enough towards the positive that we see multiple offers on properties again, buyers out bidding each other and properties selling from 92% of asking price to full price contracts.

If you are serious about a property you need to be prepared to pay market value again. We are starting to balance out and supply is coming closer to demand again.

I will be happy to conduct a thorough market analysis on a property of your choice to help you make a reasonable offer that actually will result in the successful purchase of said property.